Crowdfunding campaign

4/12/20 – The goal has been reached!

It only took a few days to get to the projected £490, thank you!

I can’t wait to send you your cds and digital dowloads in April, and will be getting started on the cushions soon. Thank you also to the people who’ve simply donated, that’s really generous.

Just to say that this campaign can’t be closed until the closing date of 15 January (I did try). So I’ve decided to add an additional cause to this campaign.

The cd sleeve is being designed by amazing Lizzie Kevan Curtis and any money that is contributed over £490 will go toward paying her.

You can see a mock version of the design on the campaign page. The beautiful painting of red geraniums is by Theo Mouxigouli.

Read more here.

New release

10/6/20 – A single from the upcoming album has been released: 23/32


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